A 90's/ Y2K sustainable clothing brand for Everyone. We source a mix of vintage, second hand, and upcycled clothing and accessories. For the girls with attitude. The ones who take themselves seriously and say f u to negativity. We curate for the dolls who aren’t afraid to say no. And whose presence and energy is a reflection of the depths of their Soul. 

 This brand was created by Krystina Jackson, also referred to as Yung Soulful. Always with a passion for fashion, Krystina grew up sketching her own clothing, sewing, and of course thrifting. Back when thrifting was "uncool," middle school and high school Krystina used it as a method of self expression. She started her Depop at 16 years old in an effort to sell the accumulation of clothing that came from her thrifting addiction. More than a decade later, Krystina's eye for clothing is what sustains her. She now owns this soon to be empire, 'Soulful Threads' and uses it as a means to connect with others who are like-minded; those who use style and fashion as a way to cope in this trash bag of a world. Wearing her soul on her sleeve has gotten her the recognition she was destined to have, including but not limited to, a recipient of Depop's Now/Next Program, exclusive access behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week and notoriety in popular publications like The Washington Post. 

Find us in store at 1022 Chapel Street Suite 4, New Haven, CT.

Follow us on Instagram @soulfulthreads_ for more.